Stop wasting paper on Sunday morning.

Church bulletins are a valuable resource, but constant printing can be a waste to your time and budget, not to mention the environment. Welcome to Bulletn, your newer and better Sunday morning communication software.

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Bulletn has everything we need to communicate effectively to our congregation without all the clutter and cost of other options. We can easily make changes on the fly, and know that the families at our church are getting the best and most up-to-date information, at a fraction of the cost of and work of printing or other apps!

Ritch Sanford, Pastor at The Mission Church

Enhance your communications

The church bulletin has been a staple for decades, and is a valuable tool to get information to and from your congregation. However, printed bulletins are both functionally limiting and financially expensive.

With Bulletn, you can plan your bulletins months in advance, and focus on making authentic connections.

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Reach your people

Smartphones have become an expected part of the Sunday morning experience in your congregation, and most people simply throw away unused printed bulletins anyway.

Connection cards in the Bulletn app allow your congregants to fill out prayer requests, express interest in joining a small group, indicate a desire for baptism, etc. This information is stored in your account’s database and can be easily searched and filtered so you don’t have to keep or sort through physical cards anymore.

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Save your budget

Church resources are valuable, and printing is expensive. Instead of wasting money on paper, you can help another summer missions trip, replace the youth group carpets, support a new missionary overseas, or assist a family in need in your congregation.

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Everything you need for easy, amazing bulletins

Bulletn is designed to help you to easily create beautiful bulletins every week. Every subscription includes these amazing features:

Plan ahead

Plan your bulletins for weeks or months ahead, and have them automatically update every week in time for your service

Easy to design

Our bulletin editor gives you all the flexibility you need, without any of the distractions.

Use your custom graphics

Make each bulletin feel like your own! Seemlessly incorporate your custom graphics into your weekly bulletin.

External links

Give your congregation instant access to important content such as event signups, sermon audio, etc. all in one place.

Web link

Create a web link to share your bulletin anywhere you'd like, and make it viewable outside the Bulletn app.

Response cards

Coming Soon

No more collecting paper and reading chicken scratch. Have your congregants fill out easily sortable response cards!

Sermon notes

Coming Soon

Congregants can continue taking sermon notes, and send an email to themselves each week!

Multiple services

Coming Soon

Plan multiple services at once, to give each service it's own look and feel.


Coming Soon

Create template snippets to make creating bulletins even easier and faster.

Pricing plans

No matter your church size, we’re confident that you’ll come out ahead over traditional printed church bulletins. To make it even easier, we've extended our 30-day free trial to a 90-day trial in an effort to help churches that are responding to COVID-19.


50 people/wk


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200+ people/wk


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this save over traditional printing?

Every church’s printing expenses are different, but using a nationwide printing chain as a comparison, you can expect to save *at least 40%* over traditional brochure printing. Most price points save significantly more.

Should people be on their phones in church?

This is a great question, with not a black and white answer. We’re not trying to encourage your congregation to be checking their fantasy football scores in the middle of the sermon. However, we believe that technology can be harnessed and redeemed for the good of the church. In decades past, hymnals gave way to overhead slides, which evolved into high-definition projectors to help your church follow along in music. Many read their Bibles on their smart devices. We simply want to leverage the amazing and growing technology that’s out there to help your church stay better connected and informed.

Many in my congregation don’t have smartphones, what should we do?

As much as we want to help all churches, that means we probably aren’t the right tool for you! And that’s okay. We want churches to use whatever tools will best serve their unique congregations.

Do congregants need to pay to use the mobile app?

Never! Bulletn will always be free for your church congregants to use.

Can I give it a try before I buy?

Absolutely! We offer a free 30-day trial for you to test out our tool, and help you figure out how it would work for your church.

Can I also get a printed version of my bulletin?

As of right now, no. Bulletn is a digital-exclusive platform, built primarily for churches that do not wish to print any bulletins as part of their connection and communication strategy. However, if you think that printing will still be necessary for your church, Bulletn still could be a great tool for you to add to reduce the amount that you spend on printing and labor!

What if we have record attendance one week and exceed our view limit?

You hit a new record attendance, that’s awesome!

We want to celebrate with you! Don’t worry, we won’t automatically charge you for the next tier if you have 151 people for a week, and we will not lock out the 151st viewer from seeing your bulletin. We operate on a “loose limit” basis, and monitor churches’ usage over time. If we notice consistent and significant overusage, we may upgrade you to the next tier, but this won’t happen by an automatic trigger.

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